SlimFit - Good Enough RESTful API Framework

Beautiful API design

SlimFit is a framework for only purpose - RESTful API webservice, it’s fast and GOOD enough. It is built on top Slim 3 framework but its design is learnt from Silex 2, Laravel 5.

SlimFit is very lightweight – it is built from scratch using Pimple as DI Container, Slim 3 as HttpKernel, Eloquent as query builder and Phinx as migration tool. And specially, its core is a PSR7-middleware stack so you can customize the whole struture as you want.

Rasmus Lerdorf

All general purpose PHP frameworks suck!


Quick start

Install with composer:

composer create-project khanhicetea/slimfit your-folder-project


  • Beautiful, readable and very user-friendly design based on PSR-7
  • Well-tested and optimized
  • Extra configuration, easy to customize the stack
  • Have I said “GOOD ENOUGH” ? Sure, it’s good enough for a RESTful API webservice
  • Compatible with React PHP to boosting the application speed to new level via PHP PPM

See the getting started guide for instructions how to get it up and running.


Last but not least a big thank you to Slim contributors. They created the good base framework to build this stack.